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Download Instagram Downloader v2.9.0

Instagram Downloader is a photo-scraping utility for Windows that lets you look up and download Instagram photos in batches.

Grid design: 
The app gives you a top-level glance at your photos by displaying them in a grid.

Users not available: Instagram Downloader sometimes fails to find and load an Instagram user's photos, even when they exist on the website. It's a critical and unpredictable bug that makes looking for photos a guessing game.

No organization: Without a logical sorting of photos, such as chronological order, you can't tell which photos are new or old. Photos lack data, including comments and origin.
Low resolution: Instagram Downloader's gallery does not offer higher resolution. Thumbnails are just blown up, so image quality suffers. 

Bottom Line
Instagram Downloader's downsides far outweigh its perks. The usability of the app is vastly inferior to its Web-based counterpart: thumbnails are not indicative of the original photos, the downloading process from Instagram could be easier, and the lack of chronological order makes scanning more of a chore than just doing a Google search. Combine those detractions with the app's bundle offers, and Instagram Downloader delivers more nuisance than benefit.

Instagram Downloader is a freeware tool to download all your or any user's pictures from Instagram. The usage can't be easier. Just search for the username, select the pictures that you want to download, once the selection is done simply hit the Download button. If you want to see the large image of the picture just click on small thumbnail images. Instagram Downloader is a very useful and small tool to download pictures from Instagram easily. Download all your favorite user's pictures and videos or your albums from Instagram. Lists all pictures with thumbnails. Allows you to see the original image. Supports more then 40 languages.
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