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Download Temple Run for PC

Temple Run is a game originally made for mobile devices developed by Imangi Studios. There is no official version of Temple Run from Imangi Studios for Windows at this time. This website provides an different game but still very similar to Temple Run, for users who want to play on PC. It works great and almost has the same gameplay. You can download the game here, install it on your PC and get playing!

Using the mouse to control your character its just as fun to play this game on the PC as it is on the iOS & Android.
Temple Run is raging the gaming market recently. It is an incredibly illustrated caliber game that is released on Appstore and primarily available for iPhone, Android and Windows platforms. The display is truly amazing with pleasing sound that suits the nature of this adventure game. To add to this, the touch screen reflex completes the gaming quality. You can now enjoy the game on your Windows Xp, 7, Vista or 8 based personal computers.

The game is never going to end. The track is always there for you and you’ve to run as fast as you can and as far as you can. This is the reason why these games are so popular because they are never ending and also got a touch challenge to complete.
The graphics are eye catching and you’ll never find any lag in them. If you’re having a device with HD resolution display then you’re going to see content of the game in better manner.
You need to collect as many coins as you can and there will be lots of special power ups in your way which you need to collect to help you out in running.

The track on which you’re running will change quickly and you need to dash and turn right on time otherwise your game will get over. The sound effects are also there to further increase your game playing experience.

How to play Temple Run on personal computers
Most personal computers do not have latest touchscreen facility that suits almost all android based games. Here, you would require the mouse and keyboards to enjoy certain games, actually developed for android platforms, to run on PCs.
Press the ‘left click’ of your mouse and swipe front to jump, or swipe downwards to slide. Use left mouse click and swipe left or right to maneuver the character in the game.

Operating System:
Windows Xp / Windows 7 / Windows Vista / Windows 8

File Size:

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