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Download NetLimiter

Control the speed of the programs in the download and transmission witness speed of the device in the transmitter and receiver firewall under your supervision 
remote control and other capabilities , multi not only display the full details about incoming and outgoing traffic that is between your computer and the network, but allows you absolute control in the transport speeds which are made ​​to and from the your device, the movement sequence and recorded kilo kilo, stats professional supported by graphic software provides a rich program for the definition and is specialized to control the transport speeds which are made ​​to and from your device through your presence on the Internet allows you to this program distributes speed on the rest of the devices so that determines the speed of loading and lifting files for each device separately depending on the number of devices on the network.  

It also allows you to what others are doing to the rest of networked devices and restrictions on control and shut down programs that do not want you

Operating System:

windows xp\ windows 7 \windows 8\windows vista

File Size:

13.8 MB

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