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Download BenVista PhotoZoom Pro 6.0.8

You can enlarge the program of all kinds of images in all formats and extensions

While maintaining the quality and efficiency of finite precision and sizes determined by the

You can also zoom in a set of images up to 100 images at a time

The program supports a large languages, including, of course, languages ​​Arabic, English and French

The program is very excellent and indispensable definition

 Have you ever been in a situation where you want to create a large blown-up image from a small picture? Maybe you want to put it on the wall or frame it.

 The problem is that in doing so, you usually lose a great deal of quality from the images. BenVista PhotoZoom is designed for all those that want to preserve the original quality as much as possible while increasing the size of the image at the same time. According to the developers, Benvista PhotoZoom does this via a "revolutionary S-Spline XL algorithm", which takes the patented S-Spline technology to the next level.

 After you've opened a picture in Benvista PhotoZoom, you can rotate, flip and crop it until satisfied with its arrangement. You can also adjust image size to specific TV settings like NTSC or Pal, HDV or desktop for your computer. Benvista PhotoZoom even includes a very thorough list of print presets such as envelope, sheet or tabloid. These come in very handy if you know exactly what you want to use your image for. The result is that Benvista PhotoZoom is able to create extremely good photo enlargements with little noticeable loss in quality.

 The rest of the interface is fairly self-explanatory. You can select whether to expand the number of pixels or via a percentage and also the resize method. This means that you don't have to choose the S-Spline algorithm as you can choose others such as Hermite, Bell and Mitchell. It would be useful to have had an explanation as to the difference between these as working them out is a matter of trial and error.

  If you need to blow-up a picture with no significant loss of quality, then you'll be more than pleased with Benvista

Operating System:

Windows / Mac



File Size:

21.3 MB

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