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Download Kelk 2016 Full

Kelk program specialist for writing calligraphy inherent in the very beauty where there is no instance of that program, which contains several features to make it worth to pursue an acquisition.

The Kelk program on the division of letters the word and mind separate letters any when writing shield programs programming Each letter in the word has been designed and decorated individually and even the points, then the word is grouped to form a clear meaning and concept attractively not like no other where you can not write it through programs photoshop cc only by professionals.

The Program Features Kelk 2016

  • The program was designed by 35 renowned Arabic calligrapher The program is so where there is no disadvantage in terms of lines and aesthetic enjoyed by and influenced by sight.
  • Kelkk program contains 100 different lines and form letters It is possible that at least that number according to each grammar and aesthetic of the line.
  • It provides all Onaua calligraphy, such as the famous "third line, back line, the Persian calligraphy (nasta'liq), Alchuksth line, the editorial line."

It contains several other features I'll let you discover the fun by downloading the program 

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