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Download Wordaizer 3.6

Wordaizer is a handy and reliable utility designed to enable users to create pictures with word clouds.Wordaizer is very similar to Wordle. It allows you to load a text file containing words and instantly generates a word cloud. In addition, you get to customize shapes and colors and even to animate the designs. 

with Wordaizer you can:
Create word clouds
Apply masks to create precise word cloud shapes
Be surprised: a random word cloud generator
Save and print the resulting picture 
Save and load projects to repeat a word cloud

Wordaizer makes possible to tune, shape, create, print, and save any word cloud that you can think of. It masks to make your own word cloud shape. The shape of the mask becomes the blueprint of the shape of your word cloud. You can create word cloud of any size and result will be bitmap picture. You can either save or print the bitmap. You can also save the word cloud in wordlet format or windows enhanced metafile ('emf' file format) and you can enlarge the picture in any size as .emf is not a bitmap (pixels). Features include masks to create precise word cloud shapes, a random word cloud generator, save and print the resulting picture, and save and load projects to repeat a word cloud

Operating Systems:

 Windows XP/Vista/7  



File Size:

 15 MB

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