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Download My Screen Recorder Pro 4.15

My Screen Recorder Pro - Lets you record any and all of the activity on your PC

Lets you record any and all of the activity on your PC

If you work in a large office and you think it would be beneficial to make tutorials on how to use your unique computer system to use whenever your establishment hires new employees, you’ll definitely want to give My Screen Recorder Pro a shot.

It’s an advanced capture tool that’s able to quickly and easily record any and every part of the computer screen. It even allows you to add audio to your recording by speaking into a microphone while you’re recording.

Cut and join various recordings and you’ve got yourself a flawless tutorial video that can be used for decades to come (or at least for the duration of time you use the same computer programs)! Save yourself a ton of time and energy (and possibly save your company some money) by downloading My Screen Recorder Pro onto your Windows system today to see all that it’ll be able to do for you.


- Records any screen activity you need it to.
- Allows you to add audio to your recordings to make a full tutorial video.
- Lets you cut and join multiple recordings to suit your individual needs.
- Allows you to organize your recordings into personal folders so that they’re super easy to find and manage whenever you need them.
- Allows you to set exactly what area of the screen you’d like to record.
- A screen drawing feature that allows you to emphasize and/or annotate important parts.
- Lets you use mouse effects to emphasize clicks.
- Allows you to record across multiple monitors if you’d like/need to.
- Lets you choose to distribute your finished recordings in a wide variety of ways.
- Super easy to use – Perfect for YouTube tutorials! 

Operating Systems:
Windows XP/2003/Vista/Server 2008/7/8/10  


File Size:

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