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Truecaller Caller ID Block for Androide

The Truecaller Caller ID app lets you search beyond your phonebook, identify unknown incoming calls, and block unwanted calls.

Used to display a caller's phone number, caller ID readers were hot items in the '90s. However, even today, in the era of the smartphone, 

the infrastructure for those caller ID services is still around. With TrueCaller app for Android you can see who's calling before you answer to help you screen calls. It can even blocks bill collectors and other annoyances.

When you first set up this app, it requests that you sync it with Facebook to add your friend's numbers and pictures. It taps into the numbers and pictures of people already in your contact list by default. TrueCaller also gives you a list of hundreds of suspicious numbers from its user-submitted database that you block at once. Whenever you receive a call, it displays any of the contact information in the app's large database so you can screen it. It will tell you if the number is associated with bill collection or scam callers, too. You can block a number before you answer any time you don't want to accept the call.

What's new in version 8.31
  • Introducing Google Duo Video Calling. Now make video calls from Truecaller using Google Duo. Video call all your friends with just one tap!
  • Reduced memory usage and app size
  • SIM indicator added to caller ID
  • Added option to paste a number into dial-pad
  • Fixes for right-to-left languages
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